Ranch Development

Windmill Pacific LLC offers a full-service ranch development program. We can provide initial consulting on land procurement and crop recommendations.

We offer services in agricultural landscape design, land preparation, irrigation installation, planting and harvest scheduling, and guidance on all other aspects of constructing an operational ranch.

Our goal is to partner with our customers and provide whatever services are needed to create a successful grower operation.

Ranch Management

Ranch Manangement

Windmill Pacific LLC specializes in conventional and organic ranch management in California and Oregon. We offer a comprehensive program that covers everything needed to run a successful grower operation including an experienced ranch management team, farm labor contractors, planting and harvesting, packaging technology, organic and safety certification, and guidance on sales contracts and programs.

We strive to be the most efficient, cost effective and cutting edge ranch management provider for our loyal clients and potential customers.

Crop Specialties

At Windmill Pacific LLC we have extensive experience in a wide variety of varietals and crops.

Our development projects have focused on grapes, berries and orchards. Our most recent management projects have included substrate grown organic blueberries/raspberries/strawberries/blackberries, avocado and citrus orchards.

Custom Services

We can tailor our consulting services and management program to your company’s needs and requirements.

Our seasoned management team and contract laborers come with a diverse background in all areas of agricultural operations.


We look forward to hearing from you and working to provide your agricultural management solutions.


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